In a world that deems self-control as the highest virtue, Potential parents Dan and Peg invest their hopes in Torrent, a robotic Trial Child that allows parents to gleam their future child's level of self-control. As the five-year-old bot Torrent drives Dan and Peg to the brink of insanity with his inability to resist his impulse for chocolate, Dan and Peg re-evaluate whether or not they can become parents to a child doomed for failure, misery or worse.  In this utterly ridiculous story, “Trial Child: Nurture a Better Nature” deconstructs how technology, consumerism and “family” influence our views on self-control in society today and what that says about our possible future.

Written, Directed & Performed by:

Scotty Wagner

Set Design & Art Direction by:

Bailey Hikawa

Original Music by:

Ben Christensen

Costumes by:

Ainsley Buhl

Director of Photography:

Alan Bucaria

Second Camera:
Starr Sanford

Sound Recorder:
Mateo Escalante

Production Assistant:
Vanessa Ayala

Nadia Talley, Dominic Riolo, Alyssa Rogers & Brenda Morales

“Trial Child” the video has screened at:
MOCA Tucson

UCSB Art & Architecture Museum

The Hand

Screen Share Gallery


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