Potential parents Dan and Peg live in a world that rewards high self-control above all else. When a new product, Trial Child, a robotic replica of a couples' would-be child, becomes available, they jump at the opportunity to prepare themselves for parenthood. But when Dan and Peg's Trial Child, Torrent, is less than what they'd hoped for, the ground beneath their feet begins to tremble with the awkward sensation that maybe everything they've come to believe is a bunch of crap.

Written, Directed & Performed by:

Scotty Wagner

Set Design & Art Direction by:

Bailey Hikawa

Original Music by:

Ben Christensen

Costumes by:

Ainsley Buhl

Director of Photography:

Alan Bucaria

Second Camera:
Starr Sanford

Sound Recorder:
Mateo Escalante

Production Assistant:
Vanessa Ayala

Nadia Talley, Dominic Riolo, Alyssa Rogers & Brenda Morales

“Trial Child” the video has screened at:
MOCA Tucson

UCSB Art & Architecture Museum

The Hand

Screen Share Gallery


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