In a future where self-control is the single most important quality in human development, “Trial Child: Nurture a Better Nature” imagines a society in which couples can purchase a robotic replica of their own would-be child. When potential parents Dan and Peg put everything they have into their own Trial Child, Torrent, it’s impossible to discern whether or not their decision has made life easier, or something else entirely.


Produced by:


Written, Directed & Performed by:

Scotty Wagner

Set Design & Art Direction by:

Bailey Hikawa

Original Music by:

Ben Christensen

Costumes by:

Ainsley Buhl

Director of Photography:

Alan Bucaria

Second Camera:
Starr Sanford

Sound Recorder:
Mateo Escalante

Production Assistant:
Vanessa Ayala

Featuring :
Nadia Talley, Dominic Riolo, Alyssa Rogers & Brenda Morales

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