Trial Child: Nurture a Better Nature is an absurd family drama about potential parents, Dan and Peg, and a robotic replica of their own would-be child, Torrent. Terrified by the prospect of having a child with low self-control, Dan and Peg train Torrent to resist his natural impulses. Torrent, a technology designed to prepare Dan and Peg for the consequences of their own biology, pushes them to question just how much their genes are worth reproducing. In a world where class affects access to technology which in turn creates new expectations around human rituals, Emotional.Store’s Trial Child addresses these shifting cultural practices within our own tech-driven, capitalist society in the most ridiculous way possible.

This project takes form in a video, a live performance and immersive installation. 

Written, Directed & Performed by

Scotty Wagner

Set Design & Art Direction by

Bailey Hikawa

Director of Photography

Alan Bucaria

Original Music by

Ben Christensen

Costumes by

Ainsley Buhl

Produced by